The ‘iron’ Streep in the role of her career (film review)

From the very beginning of the film “The iron lady” you feel it is not going to leave you indifferent. It does not matter if you like the story or if you have ever been interested in Margaret Thatcher’s life, because just the interpretation of the great star Meryl Streep is enough. The perfect accent and the rhythm she achieved playing this role explain why she has received 17 Academy Award nominations, winning three, plus 27 Golden Globes.

However, even if the performance totally captives the spectators, we cannot forget the hard job done by the make-up department. Thanks to their efforts they succeed in showing the audience that the British Prime Minister as perfectly as she was reflected into a mirror.

But it is in the loneliness scenes that Streep can show the potential she has; and that is when you see how misunderstood Thatcher felt or how frustrating life could a woman who tired to stand out in a mans world in the seventies.

The achievements of this fighter woman in her political career hide a fragile person that was not shown in public.

During the film her story is told by flashbacks from the present time to the past, stringing together all the important moments in her life: when she got her first seat in the British Parliament in 1959, she got married, become a mom… until she became the first women Prime Minister in the West.

It should be pointed out, as well, how the movie shows all the decisions that she took throughout her life and how they marked a change of direction for a whole country, that loved her as much as hated her, during the eleven years she was in power.

Despite that, the story, from my point of view, was not as spectacular as it was promised. It is a good guide to this special woman and shows why she deserved the name of “iron lady”.



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