A plane crash at Heathrow leaves 6 dead

A huge explosion in a Boeing 707, from Paris to London Heathrow, leaves at least 6 dead and several injuries when it was close to land in the British Airport this morning.

It was around 11.05am hours when the flight BA054 from the British Airways company, which was fully boarded, experienced landing difficulties. It appears that there was an explosion when the flight was overflew the Heathrow runway. The situation required the oxygen masks that were delivered for the 350 passengers, including the crew.

 “There was a huge bang and the plane just seemed to explode in mid-air”, said Mrs Isabella Stephanowski, who was the first one to telephone the police. “It was like something from a disaster movie. One of the wings of the plane just turned into a ball of flame.”

The Jumbo remained in the centre of the runway when the emergency services arrived. By the moment the total of victims come up to 6, even if the names are not going to be realised until families have been informed; but it is not yet known how many passengers suffered injuries. Some of the wounded have been taken to Slough General Hospital in Berks, where some are receiving acute medical treatment, including two cabin crew admitted to intensive care there.

On the other side the accident affected as well the M4 that had to be closed off in the vicinity of Heathrow Airport by the Police around 11.30 am. “The problem on the motorway was caused by traffic slowing down as the plane came into land and later to view the plane. Some vehicles swerved to avoid others”, said the official sources.

Mr Dave Gorman, who was driving along the M4 and injured in both legs said, “It seemed that the plane was land on the motorway. My car crashed into two or three cars in front of me that had stopped suddenly.” Mr Harry Kenyon, who was witness of what happened as well added: “it started to wobble and I though it was going to crash on the motorway. This must be the worst ever disaster in Heathrow.”

An investigation is being carried out into the cause of the explosion, but British Airways doesn’t believe that is linked with the problems faced by their crew and staff in Prague last month, when another Boeing was forced to land after technical difficulties.


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