Incident in a fast food store (local new)

A mad man burst into a Pret a Manger, yesterday in Fulham, around 15.30 pm destroying part of the shop furniture, when the team was closing, but he left without stealing anything.

Just seven minutes were enough to spread panic in the shop. Most part of the team was in the kitchen when the incident took place. Ann Sveniash, one of the employees, remained alone in the coffee area, and suddenly she heard the shouts at her back: ‘What is this man doing, is he crazy?’ some costumers screamed. Then she turned around to see what was happening and found the culprit few centimetres away from her.

“He stared at me as a psychopath and I only could think to run and call the police”, she said, and this is exactly what she did. When she run away to the kitchen, Samuel Smith, shift runner, stepped into the shop: “I saw a strange man who was shaking two of our tills until he pulled them out, and straightaway he broke a shelf”, explained, and after trying to calm him down, without any success, he let him go. “I tried to take a picture of him but he crossed the street and disappeared of my view”.

But the most remarkable thing was that the culprit did not steal anything. “He left with the hands empty and, thank God, he did not appear just five minutes before, because he would have found me on my way to the office with the money of two tills (around £1.500). So it could have been even worse”, said Julia Watson, the General Manager of the shop, opened just one year ago. “The most important thing is the safety of my team, they do not have to deal with this kind of situation, because you can never imagine what this kind of a man is thinking about”, she added.

He seemed under the effects of alcohol and drugs, and he had already ‘visited’, as well, the Starbucks close to this Pret a Manger, where he also acted in a violent way, as Melissa Carton, an employee of this establishment, said: “He was just passing through on the street and suddenly he took one of the chairs we have in the terrace and threw it against the window. He scared all of us, specially the customers seating down near, but luckily he did not come in”.

The police was looking for him nearly one hour but they could not find him. Despite so, they have a description of the subject provided by Isabel Antis, one of the regular customers of the Pret a Manger, and witness of the incident: “He was around 40 years old, between 62 and 66 inches, blue eyes, white British and with a tattoo of an anchor on his neck”. If anybody has further information please contact with the police on 020 0998 6447.


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