Live or leave for new experiences? (opinion)

“We don’t decide to go, they kick us out”. This is the slogan which many Spanish emigrants groups all over the world identify with.

Due to the corruption in Spain, the politicians, the bankers… to sum up, due to all the people who decided that was easier steal money than earn it, millions of Spanish people leave their country trying to find a future, looking for opportunities that they won’t get if they resign themselves to what Spain could offer them right now.

The politicians pretend to sell “young people living new experiences”, but let’s say that they are leaving as well new experiences to live in their countries. Because they don’t have a choice and they are forced to leave to find something better.

To leave their families, their possessions, even their dreams to become professionals in the area of their studies, it’s not something they choose. To start to work in big companies like McDonalds, Starbucks or Zara, giving up their carers, it’s not something they would ever choose.

Engineers, teachers, journalists, architects… (and the list continues) are just some of the thousands of professionals that Spain is losing everyday. That are trained every year and then sent with recommendation letters that haven’t got any value if they haven’t mastered the language of the country they are going to.

So even if politicians think that leaving Spain or any other country is a piece of cake, I would personally invite them to try the experience. But not to take their private jets with all their money and family. I would ask them to take an Easyjet ticket, in tourist class, to say goodbye to their husbands, wives, parents, sons and daughters, leaving them with tears in their eyes in Barajas airport, and starting at the beginning: the real one. Walking along new streets, with their CVs under their arms, full of emigrants that are looking for a job which fits their skills. Living in shared flats under who knows what conditions and luckily finding a new job as a shop assistant or waitress, even if they deserve a lot of more after five or more years at university.

But is true, there would still be a huge difference, because a lot of those politicians who are stealing money and taking advantage of the honest middle class, the ones who remain in the destroyed country that they created and which qualified young people has to leave, don’t even have qualifications.

The solution would be to stop the political abuse, the submission of the working class which suffers the pain to say goodbye to their children and lose their jobs, to build again the country that Spain used to be, full of happiness and vivid colours that these swine turn into a black and white sadness.


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